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The Tyrant Series

Published by Orion Publishing Group

Tyrant Tyrant: Storm of Arrows Tyrant: Funeral Games Tyrant: King of the Bosporus Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities

Tyrant introduces Kineas and Srayanka and their world — the world that Alexander is busy conquering.

Tyrant: Storm of Arrows takes the characters east to fight Alexander at the Jaxartes River.

Tyrant: Funeral Games follows Philokles and Kineas’s children into the wars of the Diadochi.

Tyrant: King of the Bosporus tells the story of Satyrus and his sister as they finally achieve their ambition to rule the Kingdom of the Bosporus.

Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities If the naval superpower of Rhodes is to survive against a merciless assault from Demetrius, the son of Alexander’s former comrade, Antigonus One-Eye, she will need the help of every ally she can muster – including the newly crowned King of the Bosporus, Satyrus, and his fiery twin, Melitta…

Tyrant: Force of Kings (February 2014)

God of War

God of War: The Story of Alexander the Great The story of how Alexander the Great conquered the world – first crushing Greek resistance to Macedonian rule, then destroying the Persian Empire in three monumental battles, before marching into the unknown and final victory in India – is a truly epic tale that has mesmerised countless generations of listeners. This is the story of Alexander the Great, as a historic personage and as he appears in the Tyrant series.

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