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As Christian Cameron:
wandcaesar This novel chronicles, in accurate historical detail, the battles and major events of the American Revolution as experienced by two very different characters: George Washington, who at the outset of war is an ambitious landowner and by the end has attained great political power, and Caesar, one of Washington’s many slaves, who escapes and joins the British Corps of Guides and Pioneers, which was the most decorated Loyalist unit of the Revolution — and was composed entirely of escaped slaves. Washington and Caesar is a novel about white and black; owner and slave; naked ambition and powerless submission turned to rebellion. It is a novel about men who find themselves in war, who fall in love with war, and who then find the terrible cost of war to their innermost selves.



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With my father, Kenneth M. Cameron, as Gordon Kent:


nighttrap Night Trap
(U.S. title: Rules of Engagement)
peacemaker Peacemaker
tophook Top Hook hostilecontact Hostile Contact
forceprotection Force Protection damagecontrol Damage Control
spoilswar The Spoils of War falconerstale Falconer’s Tale


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