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Thursday, November 15th, 2012

I gather there was a political election in the United States.

Enough said.

I’m working on Tom Swan four through six, and yesterday my editor informed me that I can go ahead safe in the knowledge that I will get a contract… Darius Wielec has agreed to illustrate another three, which is lovely. The settings will be Italy and Greece, and the action will center around finding the ring that supposedly belonged to Alexander the Great. A nice tie in…

After that, poor Tom will be sent by Cardinal Bessarion to the Crusades conference in Vienna, and from there, he will go to see if he can find a certain sword—unfortunately finding himself in Belgrade. During the siege.

In other news, Craig Sitch at Manning Imperial is making me an Attic helmet for my Marathon era kit, and we’re talking about doing a Greek Hippeis unit—perhaps copying the kits on the Parthenon Frieze. No, not the naked guys. Next spring, a group of us will be trekking across Lesvos in Greek kit—maybe in medieval kit, too, for a few days.

Speaking of a few days—Tyrant V, the long awaited Destroyer of Cities, will be out in a few weeks. I hope you all enjoy it—it’s been a long delay, as it was actually written before God of War. And my next book—Long War four, which I call ‘Artemsium’, will be done this spring. it’s the next project on the pile.

I’m also working this week on a set of graphic novels set in ancient Greece for Neal Stevenson’s FOREWORLD. Why not? I didn’t have anything else to do…

Tom Swan

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Not my usual Blog entry, but…

Tom Swan is not selling particularly well. Despite that, I enjoy writing it and a surprising number of my friends enjoy it, so I’m writing Tom Swan 4 and 5 this week and a guarantee it will go at least 6 parts and come to a conclusion.

My suspicion is that it isn’t as bad as it seems—sales are quite steady,and I wonder if e-books don’t have a different sales trajectory than standard books. They never ‘come off the shelf’ for example… so as long as people search my name on Amazon or I-Tunes, Tom will continue to pop up. Anyway, it’s a good rationalization to continue Tom, so on I go.

BTW, I got nice reviews on God of War and Poseidon’s Spear from the Sunday Times in the UK, which is sort the summit of every writer’s ambition in criticism, so…

I’m off to the USA to visit NYC with Sarah and Bea this weekend. And do a little research at the Cloisters, and the Met. Wish me luck… NYC is big and scary…

And finally, there’s an election coming in the USA. If you are a US citizen, please vote. I have strong opinions on which side you should vote for, but to heck with that. Just vote. It’s not just right–it is your citizen duty.