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A Word From Our Sponsor

I’d like to thank all of you who are buying my books.

No, seriously! The sales the last two weeks have been—wonderful. I really appreciate it, and I hope they satisfy, and I really hope that you tell all your historically-minded friends and they buy even more!

I thought that I would use this space to tell you what’s coming, and when, as there are so many books in the pipeline. First, the Tom Swan series is available in the US and UK, and virtually everywhere else. there will be one novella a month until people stop buying them. They seem to have launched rather well. The Tom Swan books are set in mid-15th c. Italy and Greece and have a maximum of swordplay and roguery, and are a little different from my past writing. A little more Georg McDonald Fraser, if you like.

In October, God of War becomes available in paperback.

In January, Destroyer of Cities, (Tyrant 5) becomes available in the UK and Europe. Yes, it is about the Siege of Rhodes. I hope you like it!

In May, ‘Ill-Made Knight'(Chivalry 1) becomes available in the UK. This series is set in England, France, and Italy in the period from Poitiers to Azincourt, and follows a single man-at-arms from childhood to the end of his martial career—which will include serving with John Hawkwood in Italy, with the Green Count against the Turks…

In August 2013, Long War 4 will appear, about Thermopylae and Artemesium.

If Tom Swan continues to do well, I’ll use the E-format to fill in some back story for Tyrant (with Philokles and Diodorus) and for Long War, showing everal encounters from the Persian side…

Finally, I have a couple of side projects, including a graphic novel set in Neal Stevenson’s Mongoliad multi-verse, and a ‘secret’ project which will be out later this year…

Honestly, friends, I can’t write any faster. Read well!

Ah, and while we’re on the subject of reading well… a couple of heartfelt plugs. Matt Heppe’s ‘Eternal Knight’ is a fantasy story with excellent characters, strongly drawn fight scenes, lots of good archery… I loved it. And Mike Puttre’s ‘Outre Mer’ was, I thought, the best piece of Space Opera I read this year. Gritty, with real complexity to its politics and struggles that make the plot sing along. And finally, Peter Fuller’s ‘Valley of the White Giants’ (on Lulu) is great fun. Peter’s thorough knowledge of both the wilderness and the world of the Vikings made me love this. Peter is a master armourer, and his books shows the kind of patient craftsmanship that I value.

And as a final plug, if you love Chivalry and you haven’t read Richard Kaeuper’s ‘Chivalry and Violence in Medieval Europe.’ you should.