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In the last couple of weeks, some of you have probably noticed that the traffic on the forum and on the Facebook site has picked up. Even sales have picked up! And a great deal of that is due to the paperback release of Killer of Men, which is wonderful—I desire wealth and fame just like every other writer and all the characters in the Iliad. However, the major thing that’s changed (from my perspective) is that we are going to Marathon. If you are a fan—or a reenactor—and you know me at all, you know that the reenactment at Marathon is very dear to me—we’ve been working on it for three years now. Recently, a combination of hard work (by my friend Giannis) and some good luck has finally, it appears, broken the log jam.

The Marathon Facebook Page

For all of you out there—please consider going to Marathon, or, if you cannot, consider supporting a reenactor to help him or her get to Marathon. Now, we can’t make your donation tax-deductible. We ARE a not-for profit, but not a tax-exempt one. But we’d love to put more shields in the Phalanx, and airfare is $1100 per person.

And of course, if YOU can be in Greece in September 2011, come and watch. Or JOIN!