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I’d like to ask all peoples of all political persuasions to STOP pretending that Aristotle, Socrates and Plato said anything that would allow them to be quoted on Facebook or in any modern political spectrum,. To that I’d add Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. I’d say that in the last year on my FB feed along I’ve picked up 200 false quotes.

Ancient Greek philosophers were, by and large, aristocratic gentlemen who had no time whatsoever for the masses or for anything we might now interpret as ‘freedom.’ They believed in highly disciplined societies run on a fuel of excellence, and their world views, fascinating as they are and sometimes even practical, would not fit with either Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. I suspect that pure fascism would come the closest, and even that wouldn’t be elitist enough for Plato–ok, I’m joking. But seriously–please stop misquoting the ancients!

Word up–Google and Duck Duck go are now sufficiently advanced that you can check a quote in one button press, English or Greek. I AM watching. Because History matters, and is not just a fuel for your f-ing propoganda.