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Taxeis Plataia

Taxeis Plataia is our organization dedicated to the portrayal of the citizens of Plataia during the time of the Battle of Marathon.Archery practice Plataea was a small city in Boeotia—the ancient city is now populated only by sheep and goats, but in late Archaic Greece it was a thriving community, and it is the setting for the “Long War” series of books, starting with “Killer of Men.”

Our goal in Taxeis Plataia is to explore methods of ancient Greek warfare,Spear practice examine the customs and culture of the period, and to participate in educational and recreational reenactments of life in ancient Plataia in throughout Greece, through recreations of symposia, camp life, and martial arts. In addition, we indulge in a certain amount of scholarship—this winter, we’ll be working on a translation of fragments of Eupolis.

Ancient Greek reenacting is not supported by shops, artisans and craftsmen to the same extent as the late Middle Ages or the late 18th century, and so we have to make almost all of our own equipment. As such, so far the bulk of our hobby time has gone to recreating the aspis (40 hours each), making the chiton and the chlamys, and sandals, and… everything. If you want to look at some of our projects, and some in progress, take a look at the Agora, or visit our website at www.plataians.org.

The organization is open to all who have an interest in ancient Greek culture and society. Please contact us for more information, and feel free to join the discussion forum to find out what we’re up to this month.