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Experimental archaeology and living history.

The Perseus Project

An unbelievably good online resource for the classicist, amateur or professional. Want to look at occurrences of the word “peltast” in Xenophon? Want to read a copy of Hellenika for free? The Perseus Project is there for you!

The Beazley Archive

Online searchable databases for pottery, gems, sculpture, and antiquaria

Erich Lessing Culture & Fine Arts Archives
Online searchable photo archive containing thousands of good quality photos of archaic and classical Greek art and architecture.

Scythian Art and Needlework

General overview, including bibliography information.

The Turanian Horse Website
Information on the early history of the classic Asian horse

Greek Military Cuisine
Short article on typical hoplite fare from Osprey Publishing

The Music of Ancient Greeks
One man’s approach to the original singing of early Greek epic and lyrical poetry

Ancient Greek Music
Information on instruments, playing techniques, pronunciation, and approaches to reproducing the music of ancient Greece, including sound samples and all published fragments of Ancient Greek music which consist of more than a few scattered notes.




Villa Kérylos
Painstaking reconstruction of a 4th century BC Greek palace–the perfect place to understand the interiors of Kineas’s world.



Costume links:

Ancient Greek Costume History

Simple but helpful instructions for creating basic Greek garments.

Greek Dress

A study of the costumes worn in ancient Greece, from pre-Hellenic times to the Hellenistic age; published 1908

How to make a net bag
Instructions for creating a net bag suitable for carrying canteens or other objects

Tyrean Purple
Wikipedia article on this dye substance

Dying and Tanning in Classical Antiquity
Wonderful resource about dyestuff and colour.




The Lonely Mountain Forge
Hand-made armour and weapons

Albion Swords
Hand-made recreations of historic swords

Ancient Warfare Magazine
Includes articles on everything ancient warfare: campaigns, battles, soldiers, equipment, daily life, interesting source materials and several items of original artwork in every issue.

Manning Imperial
Reproduction arms, armour, and other accessories

Grózer Traditional Recurve Bows
Source for Scythian-style bows

Eastern Archery
Information and source for traditional bows

Venetian Cat Studio
Historical pottery and fine art

Brooches and other jewelry; these are copies of museum pieces and other archaeological finds

Wareham Forge
Hand-forged ironwork, including cauldrons appropriate for hoplite camps

Trade Marker International, Inc.
Hemp twine and cord

Handwoven linen belts, bands, and ties

Dunlap Woodcrafts
Spear shafts


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