The World of Christian Cameron

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Ηοπλολόγια, or Hoplologia (the study of the warrior), is our experimental archaeology group started in 2008 to study and recreate various historical periods. Theron and PhokionThe organization has not-for-profit status in Canada and is seeking not-for-profit status in New York State. So far, we have three project periods; most of our time is committed to the Company of Select Marksmen and wilderness reenacting in 1777 kit. Our second love is Archaic Greece, and Taxeis Plataia is our platform for exploring the martial and domestic arts of late Archaic Greece. Our most recent period is the Companions of Saint Eustachius, a late 14th century tournament company, Winter Patrol, 18c style as a platform to further explore the works of Fiore dei Liberi and his world—on the way to attending Agincourt in 2015!

You can learn more about the organization at www.hoplologia.org. If you are interested in an experimental archaeology project and would like Hoplologia to assist, please follow the link to contact us.

Chris Cameron is a life-long reenactor and his experiences in the field with his friends have done a great deal to inform his writing. The Company of Select Marksmen is the unit that Chris founded in the early 1990s. A look at the gallery will show you some pictures of how the Company of Select Marksmen spend their summer weekends. Taxeis Plataia was founded in 2008 and has two events a year.