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The Tyrant Series

Tyrant Tyrant: Storm of Arrows Tyrant: Funeral Games Tyrant: King of the Bosporus Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities

Tyrant introduces Kineas and Srayanka and their world — the world that Alexander is busy conquering.

Tyrant: Storm of Arrows takes the characters east to fight Alexander at the Jaxartes River.

Tyrant: Funeral Games follows Philokles and Kineas’s children into the wars of the Diadochi.

Tyrant: King of the Bosporus tells the story of Satyrus and his sister as they finally achieve their ambition to rule the Kingdom of the Bosporus.

Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities If the naval superpower of Rhodes is to survive against a merciless assault from Demetrius, the son of Alexander’s former comrade, Antigonus One-Eye, she will need the help of every ally she can muster – including the newly crowned King of the Bosporus, Satyrus, and his fiery twin, Melitta…

Tyrant: Force of Kings (February 2014)


God of War

God of War: The Story of Alexander the Great The story of how Alexander the Great conquered the world – first crushing Greek resistance to Macedonian rule, then destroying the Persian Empire in three monumental battles, before marching into the unknown and final victory in India – is a truly epic tale that has mesmerised countless generations of listeners. This is the story of Alexander the Great, as a historic personage and as he appears in the Tyrant series.


The Long War Series

Killer of Men begins the story of Arimnestos, journeying through a world poised on the brink of an epic confrontation as the emerging civilization of the Greeks starts to flex its muscles against the established empire of the Persians.

Marathon The Battle of Marathon in 490 BC was one of history’s great turning points – the first time the Greeks managed to defeat the Persians in a pitched battle, it enabled the rise of classical Greek civilization. And in the middle of it, torn between two cultures, one of which has already made him a slave, we find Arimnestos. Nicknamed ‘Killer of Men,’ he will lead a decisive contingent of infantry in the thickest of the battle…

Poseidon’s Spear Sometimes a man’s greatest triumph is followed by his greatest sorrow. Returning to his farm, Arimnestos finds that his wife Euphoria has died in childbirth, and in an instant his laurels turn to dust. But the gods are not finished with Arimnestos yet. With nothing left to live for, he throws himself from a cliff into the sea, only to be pulled by strong arms from death’s embrace. When he awakes, he finds himself chained to an oar in a Phoenician trireme.

The Great King This time, the indomitable Arimnestos of Plataea finds himself caught up in the ill-fated Spartan expedition to the land of the Sphinx, while on the horizon, forces gather for the colossal naval battle of Artemesium.

Plataea (August 2014)

Empire (August 2015)