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In the Middle Ages, Lent was a major period of fasting and renewal. Many things were not done during Lent—tournaments, for one. There were more fast days—depending on observance, either six in a row, or forty in a row. (Some Christians celebrated Sundays as a ‘day off.’ Some people had indulgences that allowed them to eat meat on fast days—it was a very human, if not humane, system). Christians were also supposed to pray—rendering justice to God—as well as give alms (rendering justice unto their neighbors). It was popular, and remains so, to give something up.

Despite the fact that I’m about to start writing a novel set in early Classical Greece—about the battle of Artemesium—I’m taking those forty days and giving up the internet. So I won’t be on the Hippeis forums, and I won’t be on Facebook and I will only check emails to make a minimal response to work related e-mails. Please bear with me. I’ll write more (good for my readers) and I’ll also, I think, be happier.

I’m afraid I’ve come to see the world of Social Media as largely an excuse for angry people to be angry without a social responsibility to hold their peace. Frankly, there aren’t enough cute kittens, babies and good reenacting stuff on Facebook to counter-balance the angry insecurities of a great many people.

I will save about an hour a day. I may even find time to pray. 🙂